Surplus Recycling Solutions Services

  • Bins / Crates / Containers
    SRS can provide bins, crates, sacks or containers for consolidation of your product to be recycled.

    Customized units such as bins designed to trap swarf while allowing liquids to drain for re-use are also available.
  • Collection
    SRS will collect your eWaste and metal scrap for recycling. Tailored solutions will be provided where access is limited, no forklift on site, etc. Wherever possible SRS will negate the cost of transport and labour by offsetting against potential revenue.
  • Quotation
    Not sure if there will be a cost involved or what potential revenue is available for your redundant and scrap material? Contact us to organise a quotation now!
  • Decommission
    SRS can provide manpower and resources for decommissioning operations nationally. Give us a call to discuss your requirements.
  • Drop Off
    You also have the convenience of dropping off your recycling material to SRS Melbourne site. Not only does this make it easy for you to utilise your existing infrastructure, it also maximises your potential revenue return.
  • Certificates / Reports
    Simple or Detailed reports are available according to your requirements.
    - Asset / Serial Number Report
    - Statement of Recovery
    - Certificate of Recycling
    - Certificate of Destruction
    - Manifest Reconciliation
  • Secure Data Destruction
    - Document Destruction / Secure Shredding (Mobile Service available)
    - Electronic Data Destruction through Secure Data Erasure or Hard Disk Destruction
    - Removal of Corporate Identification
  • REUSE : Where possible material will be Reused / Resold / Donated
  • RECYCLE : Where reuse is not possible, material will be demanufactured into basic commodities

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